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So what does Jenny Wade Consultancy do? I work in 2 main areas - training & facilitation and project management.

I help people make sense of things and find a way to make things real and happen for them.

I am an energetic and engaging trainer. I am naturally very curious, challenging and optimistic. And I take great pride in delivering what I say I will.

I excel at adapting training to be completely relevant for the person being trained. I use my 11 years business experience with LloydsTSB and 2.5 years of working for myself to understand, empathise and challenge people to take steps towards their goals.

I talk with you to make sure I understand the nature of what you want me to do, taking time to analyse and experience where your people are. Then I design a bespoke training intervention or project plan, which will be real, interactive and challenging and will deliver what you need.

My strong focus on detail, combined with a conviction that people can achieve their wildest dreams make a compelling proposition.

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