Jenny Wade Consultancy Ltd
I work with

  • BAA
  • COI - Central Office of Information
  • CRAC - the Career Development Organisation
  • EuroRSCGRiley
  • GradWeb
  • Inspirational Development Group
  • Involve
  • Vitae
  • University of Durham
  • University of Kent, Canterbury
  • University of Loughborough

"Jenny managed to achieve in the week I was away more than I had managed to do in the previous month. That's what's so good about her - she's 100% focused on the job in-hand"
Learning & Development Manager BAA
"I've heard great things about your sessions on GRADschools."
Philippa Storer, CRAC
"You are a superstar! Thanks very much for all your help."
Lizzie Mortimer, participant
"Jenny Wade shines brightly."
Commercial Director, IDG
"I found Jenny excellent, she explained everything very clearly and she was very supportive."
Delegate on Leadership course, Sandhurst
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